Friday, September 1, 2017

3 Day Glass-on-Glass Mosaic Mandala Workshop (8-21/22/23-2017)

Another first! I had my first three day workshop for people who wanted to learn my complete process in how to make beautiful mosaic glass mandalas using art glass. Three of the participants had no mosaic experience before this workshop. I think you will agreed that the results of all four were pretty spectacular. Each person came to the workshop with their own design ready to go. The rest is history. Everyone was so pleased and wanting to learn more. There is nothing better than that. Thank you Sherry, Shirley, Brendy, and Ricky.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

My First Mosaic Workshop in My Own Studio

Well this was certainly a first for me. It was such a great feeling to invite participants into my working studio to take a workshop. They were surrounded by my art, mosaic materials, and tools of the trade. Immersed is a better way to say it. Another first was using a theme provided by Marilyn who arranged to have this one day workshop for her daughter, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter. It was definitely a privilege to get to know the family. The theme of this stained glass mosaic workshop was based on a silk scarf Marilyn had bought on a trip to Spain. And it is no surprise that the scarf had had images of Anton Gaudi's famous Parc Guell mosaic masterpiece. Here are some pictures from that fun day.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Circle of Stone: Pebble Mosaic Workshop 9-18-16

We had another enjoyable intro mosaic workshop today at Lyn Belisle's Studio. It was the first time that the participants had "played" with pebbles to create a small mosaic. Here are some of the results. A big thank you to Lyn and all of the participants.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Circle of Stone Pebble Mosaics Intro

Introducing people to the world of mosaics is fun! Recently I had the privilege to teach my "Circle of Stone - Pebble Mosaics" workshop at Lyn Belisle's Studio here in San Antonio. Lyn is such an wonderful hostess and her studio reflects her intention of it being a place of creative belonging. We  began the workshop with a brief overview of the history of pebble mosaics, looked at some ancient and contemporary pebble mosaic art, and previewed what we were going to do during our time together.

We had three hours to learn some general information including the importance of a "scratch coat"on a plywood substrate, various shapes of pebbles and how they could be used in a design, local sources of pebbles, thinset and how to apply it with a spatula to form a "setting bed." We discussed design and how important it is to use contrast of size or shape or lightness/darkness/color so that the mosaic design can be "read" easily.

Then it was time to pick a design or sketch their own and select the type of pebbles from the various bins that they wanted to use. But before getting started, each person needed to do their scratch coat and create a smooth setting bed at the correct height. Finally, it was time to place pebbles one at a time. We discussed the need to work "clean" and how to keep the thinset fresh.

After everyone had completed their mosaic it was time to share the results. Everyone talked about their creation, what they liked about it, what they learn or what they would do differently. We talked about how thinset can be tinted different colors and discussed what color(s) we might want to use in the future. I can say that fun was had by all. Thanks to the whole group who made this time possible.


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Toyoharu Kii's Monochromatic Workshop at The Chicago Mosaic School

During the first week of June 2015, I had the privilege to participate in Toyoharu Kii's five day Monochromatic Workshop at The Chicago Mosaic School. The focus of the workshop was learning ways to express movement, texture, and content in ways that are only possible with the medium of mosaic. The material used was white marble so color or different types of material could not be used to accomplish the task. During the workshop we also learned Kii's tried and tested technique that gives his work its signature characteristics. Thank you Toyoharu for sharing your knowledge and skills with us. It was a great learning experience.

For further information about Toyoharu Kii's workshop and other visiting guest instructors at The Chicago Mosaic School click the above link.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Chicago Mosaic School 10th Anniversary Film

I was fortunate to have one of my mosaics, "Counterpoint," included in this film. The video was filmed with the latest 4D technology and the detail, texture, and color is amazing. Click on the following link and enjoy.

Link: A Thank You from The Chicago Mosaic School

Tesserae Tessera, The Art of Mosaic

I had the pleasure to being invited to do an introductory mosaic workshop at Lyn Belisle's Studio of Creative Belonging in San Antonio, Texas recently. Inspiration came from Antoni Gaudi's (1852-1926) innovative use of glazed tile in Barcelona's Parc Guell. Participants selected one of six simple line designs derived from Gaudi's work, learned about commonly used terms in the world of mosaics, cutting with nippers, prepping substrate, and finally adhering the tesserae (i.e. pieces of material making up the mosaic) with thinset. Lots of fundamental skills were learned while having fun. Thanks to Lyn and all the participants that made the workshop a true success. Check out the link below.